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Extensive range of storage solutions in Malaysia for your needs

With more than thirty years of experience in shelving and storage system Malaysia and we are now collaborating with Europe's leading storage systems manufacturer - Bruynzeel, we offer an extensive range of products that can suit any of your industrial and office storage requirements, effeciently and cost effectively.
double storage space shelving system

Creating New Storage Space

Bruynzeel Compactus® Double Decker systems - A solution that allows you to create extra storage space within your existing perimeter by utilising the height of the building

The unique Compactus® Double Decker system provides four times the storage capacity of an ordinary static storage space and less than the cost of two floors of mobile shelving put together.

Ideal for library collection, archive, military, healthcare, office and warehouse small part storage.

Please contact Fortisco team for more details about this product.

Museum and Art Storage

Irreplaceable collections in museums require extra consideration when it comes to storage and space. Our flexible, static and mobile shelving with the option of open and closed frames are able to take care of the issues of humidity, ventilation, dust and dirt control that the currators care most about.

Our advisors both locally and in Bruynzeel are happy to help you with finding the right storage systems in Malaysia that meets your specific storage space requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Why choose Fortisco?

Extensive Range of products

An extensive range of products is key to a cost effective solution. With our extensive range of products manufactured locally and from Europe, we offer you an efficient storage solution which is different from other providers.

Quick response time

Our passionate and experienced sales team are eager to demonstrate how we design shelving and storage solutions differently from our competitors. We will respond to your request within a day if not sooner.

Faster Delivery

With our manufacturing and stock facilities in Malaysia, we are able to deliver and install our office storage and shelving products faster and more efficiently.

Think Global and act Local

With more than 30 years of experience providing storage solutions, combined with our overseas exposure, we are able to provide solutions that meet the requirements that are unique to you.
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