Retail Shelving and Storage Solutions

The large influx of shoppers flowing into your outlet store can be a good sign of fortune blossoming. In addition to having good store traffic, it is also important to optimize your retail store layout to convert visitors into paying customers.

Due to space concerns, retail shops often only house a limited amount of stock for each SKU. This can affect your brand image and sales revenue when your outlet runs out of stock during sales or peak shopping seasons. 

Here at Fortisco, our storage solution can help you double the storage capacity in your shop. Learn how your investment in our mobile retail shelving can help benefit your business in the long run. Our solution helps maximize sales per square foot.

Benefits of Our Mobile High-Density Retail Shelving System

Retail Shelving

1. Increase Retail Sales By Displaying More Products In-Store

Our retail display shelves provide compact storage. This storage system allows retailers to showcase and exhibit more products within the same square feet.

Customers are able to see, touch, feel and try out more products in-store.

This can lead to a higher conversion rate as customers are distracted and tempted to purchase items that may not be in their shopping list in the first place.

2. Increase Salesperson’s Productivity By Minimizing Trips to Storeroom

For some industries, it may not be possible to display all product variations on the sales floor due to limited space. A shoe store, for example, will only display a single shoe and a single size on the retail shelving racks. Customers will usually need to wait for the salesperson to retrieve the right pair of shoes from the storeroom.

With mobile shelving, customers can easily grab their desired pair of shoes right from the retail shelves. Your salesperson can also focus on serving the customer right on the sales floor instead of having to run back and forth to retrieve merchandise from the storeroom.

3. Retail Display Shelves are Custom Made to Fit In-Store Design

To fulfil your display and storage needs, Fortisco provides mobile shelving that is flexible and customisable.

Compact Retail Shelf Display

We can tailor-make decorative panels for the retail store storage racks. It can be customised to look stylish, presentable, and also to match with the floor design.

Increase Retail Storeroom Storage Capacity 

To house a greater amount of stock within the same footprint, we often recommend our clients to invest in mobile shelving for the backend storage. This type of shelving rack offers a higher storage capacity and greater utilisation of the existing storeroom space compared to static shelving. 

Retail Stockroom Shelving

If you have more storage space in your store, you will be able to save on logistics costs as you do not need to restock from outskirt warehouse as frequently as before. 

An Organised Storeroom Will Lead to Retail Success

In addition to the improved backend storage capacity, a mobile shelving system allows you to better organise your stock according to their category. Not only will it be easier for you to track and secure your inventory, but your stock will also be visible and accessible. This makes it efficient to retrieve or count stocks. 

If the storeroom storage space is not properly planned, it will be time-consuming to look for a particular stock. You might end up losing a customer due to the long waiting time. 


At Fortisco Malaysia, our experienced advisors are able to support your retail storage needs by first understanding your stock keeping unit (or SKU). Based on your SKU and retail layout, we will be able to propose and advise you on the capacity you can achieve with our retail storage solutions.

Drop us an enquiry today or visit us at Publika for more details.

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