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Library Shelving Systems

Are you currently struggling with space availability in your library? Are the books in your library increasing every month, but space isn’t? With the explosion of information in modern society, library shelving systems must meet today’s challenges. They must be sturdy enough to support typical use, aesthetically pleasing, and have enough flexibility to accommodate the ever-growing collections.

At Fortisco, we provide customisable library shelves to help accommodate books and periodicals with modern, durable, and scalable storage choices.

Types of Library Shelving Systems

Fortisco’s library shelving system comes in various designs, sizes, and materials to easily blend into your existing library layout and interior design. Our customisable end panels can be made of steel, wood, acrylic, or even glass. We also have a wide range of display accessories and custom drawers to properly store books, magazines, movies, games, newsletters, etc.

With Fortisco, you can customise your storage system exactly how you would prefer. Below are the three primary types of shelving systems that we use at Fortisco.

1. Cantilever Library Shelving System

Cantilever library shelving is suitable for all libraries, such as academic, corporate, and public libraries. Cantilever shelving comes with a broad range of storage accessories to accommodate a wide variety of media formats. You can also customise the end panels with a variety of designs and materials.

library shelving systems

In addition, the design of the cantilever system allows for more visibility in the library. As the bookshelves are not fully covered up, this enables your library to look more spacious and have better air circulation.

Cantilever Library Shelving System

2. Case-Type Library Shelving System

Similar to cantilever, case type library shelving by Bruynzeel can be finished with glass, acrylic, steel, or wood design in colours that complement the type library shelving

Both case type and cantilever shelving system functions just the same, although the design looks slightly different.

The choice of whether to choose a cantilever or case-type library shelving system is entirely up to your personal preference. Both storage types are ideal for general library storage.

Regardless of which shelving unit you prefer, our shelving systems are scalable and modular. With metal shelving, the shelving unit is easy to reconfigure and reassemble. This allows for easy relocation, as this system is modular.

3. High-Density Mobile Shelving System

A high-density mobile storage system, otherwise known as compact movable storage, is a shelving system that allows you to double the storage capacity within the same square footage. This is ideal for libraries that are running out of floor space.

By converting a static library shelving system into mobile storage, you do not need to move existing collections into another area. You can simply increase capacity in the same footprint as the mobile shelving systems only require one aisle, while the static systems will need a few aisles.
mobile storage

Get the Right Library Shelving Systems with Fortisco

At Fortisco, we are committed to providing our clients with the right storage solutions at the highest quality and service levels. Whether you’re looking to build a new library or renovate your existing space, do contact us early in the planning process for expert insights and assistance.

We can help propose options and make suggestions based on your budget and existing library layout. Contact us today for more information!

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