Compactus® Double Decker

Compactus Double Decker Provides Four Times Additional Storage

The unique Compactus ® Double Decker provides four times the capacity of ordinary static storage space; this is the ultimate space optimisation for higher buildings and it costs less than mobile shelving on two floors.

It consists of mobile units with 2 levels of shelving and a mezzanine construction. The 2 levels of shelving are connected by a specially designed wheel console with the uprights running the full overall height of the system.

As a result, the weight of both levels is carried solely by mobile units on the ground floor. As the top and bottom bays are connected, they move together in one smooth motion along with slots in the steel grid floor.

This unique Compactus ® Double Decker is ideal for library shelving, archive centre, military, healthcare, office and retail storage.

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Compactus Double Decker


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