Artwork Rack Storage Solutions

We offer varieties of art rack storage such as static, pull-out picture racking or art rack on Mobile Shelving. The right solution is crucial so that art collections are stored as compactly as possible while being individually accessible. The art is protected against dirt, dust and damage from vibration during storing and retrieving operations.

Our range of art rack storage systems includes ArteStore Penda, ArteStore Terra and ArteStore Rota. Our artwork rack storage offers you a near-zero vibration movement and options of frames which are not suspended thus reducing the cost to construct a load-bearing steel frame. Alternatively, the rails can be constructed flush onto a concrete floor – an important feature if the floor area also serves as a transport route.

Art Rack Storage On Mobile Shelving

malaysia Art Rack Storage on Mobile Shelving

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Our goal is to make sure all our customers receive the best art rack available from at the most competitive rates, whilst ensuring their investment is regarded as being the best value for money.


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