Bruynzeel Compactus ®

Maximize Your Space with Bruynzeel COMPACTUS®

Increase Storage Space by up to 75% in High-Rent Areas with Bruynzeel Storage Systems.

Transform your storage capabilities with Bruynzeel’s Compactus® High Density Mobile Shelving System. Ideal for high-rent city centers, Compactus® increases storage space by up to 75% while being a sustainable and cost-effective solution.

Discover how Fortisco, an official distributor of Bruynzeel, delivers these innovative systems to help you save space and costs.

Why Choose Compactus?

1. Save Space

Eliminate Wasted Space: Traditional static storage with fixed aisles often leaves valuable space unused. Compactus® introduces “flexible aisles” with movable storage equipment, creating aisles only when needed and maximizing available space for storage.

DoubleDecker Efficiency: Our DoubleDecker solution adds a second tier, maximizing vertical space and enhancing storage capacity.

2. Save Costs

Maximize Storage: Compactus® enables up to 75% reduction in physical footprint, eliminating the need for additional space.

Cut Expenses: Save significantly on rental costs and utilities like lighting, heating, cooling, and cleaning.

Economic Efficiency: Reduce the need for extra building materials, making Compactus® a smart, cost-effective choice for businesses aiming to optimize their space efficiently.

traditional storage

Traditional Storage:
> 50% of space not used for storage

mobile shelving system

Mobile Storage:
Save 50% of floor space

double decker mobile shelving system

Double Decker Mobile Storage:
Save 75% of floor space

compactus electrical mobile shelving system

3. Flexibility & Customization

Compactus® systems are designed to be highly adaptable, ensuring they can meet the unique storage requirements of any business. Whether you need to store light items, heavy loads, or have specific spatial constraints, Compactus® has you covered.

  • Control Options: Choose between electronic or manual/mechanical control systems based on your operational needs. Electronic controls offer ease of use and enhanced functionality, while mechanic drive systems provide a cost-effective and reliable solution.
  • Customizable Designs: Compactus® systems can be customized to fit the exact dimensions and layout of your space. This includes adjustable shelving, various finishes, and configurations to match your aesthetic and functional requirements.
  • Expandable & Reconfigurable: As your business grows and your storage needs evolve, Compactus® systems can be easily expanded or reconfigured. This flexibility ensures that your storage solution remains efficient and effective, no matter how your needs change.

4. Sustainable Choice

Eco-Friendly Materials: Compactus® systems are built from Bruynzeel GreenSteel®, achieving over 90% CO2 savings compared to standard steel. This makes it the most sustainable option available.

Reduced Physical Footprint: Optimize storage space and reduce your physical footprint by up to 75%, saving on utilities and building materials.

Choose Compactus® for a sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly storage solution.

Europe’s largest public library with 70 km of our mobile shelving.

See Compactus® in action at the Library of Birmingham

  • The Library of Birmingham, Europe’s largest public library, installed 70 km of mobile shelving to maximise space capacity.
  •  Compactus®’s high-density storage system enables the library to store its entire collection onsite, offering the public faster access to items.
  • Archives on floors five and six are environmentally controlled, with varied temperatures to preserve different types of materials.

Explore the Compactus® Family

Bryunzeel compactus XT mobile shelving


Suitable for light to medium-weight items, the Compactus® XT is modular and made from 100% powder-coated, unoiled, non-galvanized steel. It offers durability and eco-friendliness with an option for Bruynzeel GreenSteel®.

bryunzeel compactus XTR mobile shelving


This system is built for heavier loads, providing exceptional adaptability in size and configuration. It’s ideal for diverse applications from archives to warehouses.

bryunzeel compactus double decker mobile shelving


Perfect for spaces with high ceilings, this two-tier system maximizes vertical space, effectively doubling storage capacity within the same area.

Transform Your Space with Compactus®

Compactus® offers tailored solutions that respect your unique demands and the specifics of your industry. By tailoring Compactus® system, organizations can achieve optimal functionality and efficiency, thereby improving their operational workflow and storage management.

Get inspired by our solutions in different applications below.








Why Choose Fortisco?

Local Expertise and Quick Delivery

With 13+ years of experience, Fortisco offers unparalleled storage solutions tailored to your needs. We provide top-quality, safe, and innovative storage options. Contact us early for expert advice and solutions based on your budget and space. Reach out today to transform your space!

Extensive Range of products

An extensive range of products is key to a cost effective solution. With our extensive range of products manufactured locally and from Europe, we offer you an efficient storage solution which is different from other providers.

Quick response time

Our passionate and experienced sales team are eager to demonstrate how we design shelving and storage solutions differently from our competitors. We will respond to your request within a day if not sooner.

Faster Delivery with Local Manufacturing

With our manufacturing and stock facilities in Malaysia, we are able to deliver and install our office storage and shelving products faster and more efficiently.

Think Global and act Local

With more than 30 years of experience providing storage solutions, combined with our overseas exposure, we are able to provide solutions that meet the requirements that are unique to you.
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