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high density mobile library shelving system

Double Your Library’s Space with Compactus® High-Density Mobile Library Shelving!

Innovative shelving solutions that transform your library into a multifunctional hub.

Elevate your library’s functionality and style with Compactus® High-Density Mobile Shelving. Effortlessly double your storage capacity without sacrificing the aesthetics or accessibility of your space. Reimagine your library not just as a home for books but as a dynamic venue for meetings, events, and creative explorations.

Store twice as many books in the same area with our unique single-movable aisle design

Our high-density shelving systems employ an ingenious single-movable aisle design, eliminating the need for fixed walkways between each set of shelves and dramatically increasing your usable storage space.

This means you can store twice as many books or materials in the same area with our single-movable aisle design, freeing up significant space for additional public use within your current layout.

Compactus mobile library shelving
library shelving

Free Up More Space for Community Activities

Free up space for meetings, events, and more, turning your library into a community nexus.

As the role of libraries expands from traditional spaces to vibrant community hubs, our Compactus® High-Density Mobile Library Shelving is the perfect partner in this evolution.

These systems optimize storage capacity and adapt to the modern needs of public and academic libraries, reducing the storage footprint while expanding functional, adaptable areas.

Imagine using the same square footage to free up valuable space for more meetings, presentations, and community activities. Our Compactus® systems are designed to foster community engagement and creativity, ensuring smooth access and clear views of your collection.

Customisable Designs That Complements Any Interior Decor

Enhance and increase the visual appeal of your library with Compactus® mobile shelves, available in finishes like wood, steel, or glass. Not only do they save up to 50% of your floor space, but they also add a touch of elegance that complements any decor. Choose a design that aligns with your library’s aesthetic and watch your space transform.

Compactus mobile library shelving with different finishes

Lead the way in sustainability with Compactus® mobile shelving

Cuts CO₂ emissions and utility costs by up to 75%

Adopting Compactus® systems significantly cuts down on your physical footprint. This reduction leads to lower utility costs and CO₂ emissions, helping your library lead the way in sustainability while saving on operational expenses.

Europe’s largest public library with 70 km of our mobile shelving.

See Compactus® in action at the Library of Birmingham

  • The Library of Birmingham, Europe’s largest public library, installed 70 km of mobile shelving to maximise space capacity.
  •  Compactus®’s high-density storage system enables the library to store its entire collection onsite, offering the public faster access to items.
  • Archives on floors five and six are environmentally controlled, with varied temperatures to preserve different types of materials.

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double storage space shelving system

Creating New Storage Space

Bruynzeel Compactus® Double Decker systems - A solution that allows you to create extra storage space within your existing perimeter by utilising the height of the building

The unique Compactus® Double Decker system provides four times the storage capacity of an ordinary static storage space and less than the cost of two floors of mobile shelving put together.

Ideal for library collection, archive, military, healthcare, office and warehouse small part storage.

Please contact Fortisco team for more details about this product.

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With over 13 years of experience and a commitment to quality and innovation, Fortisco delivers unmatched storage solutions tailored to your unique needs. At Fortisco, we are committed to providing our clients with the right storage solutions at the highest quality, safety and service levels. Whether you’re looking to build a new library or renovate your existing space, do contact us early in the planning process for expert insights and assistance.

We can help propose options and offer suggestions based on your budget and existing library layout. Reach out today—let’s transform your library together!

Extensive Range of products

An extensive range of products is key to a cost effective solution. With our extensive range of products manufactured locally and from Europe, we offer you an efficient storage solution which is different from other providers.

Quick response time

Our passionate and experienced sales team are eager to demonstrate how we design shelving and storage solutions differently from our competitors. We will respond to your request within a day if not sooner.

Faster Delivery

With our manufacturing and stock facilities in Malaysia, we are able to deliver and install our office storage and shelving products faster and more efficiently.

Think Global and act Local

With more than 30 years of experience providing storage solutions, combined with our overseas exposure, we are able to provide solutions that meet the requirements that are unique to you.
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