Manual and Mechanical Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving is a Creative Space-Saving Storage Solution

A mobile shelving system reduces floor space by doubling the storage capacity. This is made possible by compacting rows of shelves into a block with only one access aisle.

Mobile Shelving

This High-Density Shelving System Increases Storage Space By 100%


Mobile Cabinet Can Be Customized to Fit Your Interior Design

Our mobile filing cabinet is available in a wide range of configurations, colours, materials and designs to suit every environment.

Contact our specialist from Fortisco Malaysia to check out all of our mobile cabinet designs today!

Mobile Shelving With Custom Design


Our mobile cabinet comes in three configurations – manual, mechanical and electrical. Manual and mechanical are the more popular options in Malaysia.

Manual Vs Mechanical Mobile Shelving Systems

The manual mobile cabinet is the most economical system. They operate by simply pushing and pulling the shelving laterally with your hand.

The mechanical mobile cabinet is operated with an ergonomically designed 3-spoke hand crank. This hand crank is connected to the drive shaft of the base through a gear reduction chain box. Operating mechanical system is effortless compared to the Manual System.

Hand Cranked Mechanical Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving Systems Installed in Malaysia

Not sure if our mobile shelving system is for you? Speak to our experts for more information about which range of products suit your individual needs.

Check out our portfolio page for more installation ideas. We have designed different storage solutions according to our clients’ specific requirements.

Our portfolio includes installation for corporate offices, libraries, warehouses, museums, law firms, and schools in Malaysia.

mobile shelving



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