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Expansion of office size and manpower is inevitable as your business advances to the next level. Instead of moving to a bigger location to accommodate your business expansion needs, you may also consider exploring a much more cost-efficient solution. Our Compactus ® mobile shelving system is a piece of space-saving furniture that can help you store more items in the same square foot. 


Benefits Of Compactus ® Mobile Shelving

Available in two modes, i.e. hand-cranked manual system and electrical, our Compactus® mobile shelving is a storage system ideal for corporate offices. Let’s delve into the benefits for both shelving systems.


1. Gain 50% More Office Storage Space

Compactus ® mobile shelving system offers more storage capacity through the reduction of walking space. You can easily install more shelves on the same floor layout.

Since mobile shelving requires only one access aisle, it prevents valuable floor space from going to waste. 

With Compactus ®, you can easily gain 50% more space. You can better utilize this extra space to set up more working desks, meeting rooms, lounge etc.

2. Organize Your Documents Effectively Through Our Colour Coded Filing Storage Solutions 

Besides being more visually appealing, our customizable office cabinets allow you to organise your shelves by colours and graphics. This comes in handy as it enables your operation tasks to run even smoother.

Compactus office filing cabinet

By just looking at the appearance of the customized filing cabinets, your staffs are able to indicate which panel to search for the files or documents that they need in no time. For instance, you may allocate red panels for the sales department and blue for the operation team.

3. Expand Your Office Storage As Your Business Grows in Malaysia

Every business starts on a small scale. But, even with limited capital at the beginning, you’re recommended to invest in Compactus ® mobile shelving as this storage system is expandable.

As your business gradually grows, you can easily extend your shelving system to meet your company’s increasing storage needs. If you have the mobile shelving railing installed upfront, it will not require a major renovation work to increase storage capacity at a later stage. You only need to install additional shelves to your storage system.

4. Secure And Protect Your Documents From Office Theft

With our Compactus ® office cabinets, you can now store those classified materials in the locked cabinets with no worries.

Our manual Campactus ® cabinets can be locked with the built-in lock (Euro lock) that is located in the last mobile cabinet while the electrical Campactus® cabinets can be protected by a PIN code and RFID tags per aisle. With that said, you may limit the authorisation of shelving units by assigning specific aisles to designated users or departments.


In a nutshell, our Compactus ® mobile shelving solutions can easily increase the office storage capacity without affecting the efficiency of storage and retrieval of documents. Our filing storage solutions provide convenience for all personnel without sacrificing aesthetics. 

Having years of experience working with office innovators and interior designers, designing and planning for space-saving custom office cabinets is our main area of expertise. 

Besides filing cabinets, our Compactus ® mobile shelving system can be customised to your organisation’s specific needs with different interior applications such as lockers, whiteboard, pantry and so on.

compactus mobile storage

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