Design & Planning Services

Helping you design and plan space efficient and personnel productive filing and storage systems.

Complete Design And Planning Services

group_2Fortisco has one primary purpose: to provide the best and most practical storage systems for information and materials management. Not just storage equipment but complete solutions including all the accessories, auxiliary equipment, supplies and services necessary to provide a fully functional industrial storage or filing system.  Each file or storage system is individually configured to meet the specific  requirements of each customer.

Our professional representatives are trained to ask important questions to gain critical information necessary to design the most space efficient and personnel productive system based on your unique needs.Our team’s knowledge and experience helps to deliver uncompromising standards of quality and performance in all our products.

It is our priority to provide our customers with a vast range of services and a knowledge base to ensure they receive the “best value” available on the market today.  Some of the services we offer are:

  • Storage strategies and system design (including CAD drawings)
  • Project management
  • Installation & service
  • Storage System moves & relocations
  • Safety, fire protection and accessibility compliance
  • Engineering services Financing, leasing

Give us call today and we will provide a free efficiency analysis to see if one of our industrial storage or filing solutions makes sense for your business.

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