Art Rack Storage For Art Gallery and Museum

Whether you’re an avid private art collector or curator for art galleries or museums, if you’re looking for a professional solution to properly organize and store expensive artworks, you are at the right place!

With three types of art racks and seven different options, Fortisco offers a wide range of storage solutions that are designed to compactly and safely store valuable and irreplaceable artwork collection.

Our high capacity artwork storage racks can be installed as a static or flexible mobile storage system, depending on your storage needs. Our wide range of artwork storage solution is also famous for its compact and space-saving designs. 

Static Art Rack For Intermediate Storage

Our ArteStore Static range is immovable, which is perfect for temporary artwork storage in museums or galleries. To minimize the risk of cross-contamination in storage and exhibition areas, having a temporary storage area to house any incoming collection is a good practice. This allows the new collection to be individually isolated, inspected and if necessary, cleaned.

Art Rack Storage

In addition to temporary storage, static shelving is also a cheaper solution as this simple design has fewer mechanisms involved. This is the best starting storage option when space is not yet that big of a concern for your organization.

Mobile Art Rack For High Capacity Long Term Storage

Up next, we have 3 different product lines that are best for high capacity and long term storage.

Roll-Out Art Panel Storage System

ArteStore Terra and ArteStore Penda are both a roll-out art panel storage system. They are great for artwork display, preservation and storage. The former is guided by railing on the ground while the latter has suspended railing for easy manoeuvre. 

ArteStore Terra

ArteStore Terra

With this roll-out art gallery storage system, patrons can now admire any artwork from the collection simply by pulling the art panel out. This promotes engagement and allows paintings to be easily located and examined in situ.

ArteStore Penda

ArteStore Penda

Mobile Shelving Storage System

Meanwhile, Compactus® ArteStore is mobile shelving with screens made of rigid wire mesh and supported on a metal frame. It is the most space-saving solution as it only requires us to reserve an aisle’s worth of walking space for artwork retrieval. However, as Compactus shelving involves movement of a few shelving units at every operation, this may not be desirable in some instances. Please consult our specialist for artwork storage recommendation if you have such concerns.

Compactus ArteStore

Compactus ArteStore

Depending on your existing floor layout, budget and storage goals, our specialists will propose the best design to fit your storage requirement. 

Increase Access to Museum Collections Through Visible Storage  

Visible Storage is a new storage concept that allows visitors to have access to museum collections that would otherwise be hidden from public view.

With many museums and galleries holding up to 90% of their collection in storage, this technique is becoming more common. In recent years, institutions ranging from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to London’s Victoria & Albert Museum have adopted visible storage to display elements of their stored collections.

Visible storage in museum

We are able to help your museum implement visible storage via our custom artwork storage rack. By allocating proper storage space for every single piece of artwork in a visible storage casing, we can help maintain optimal preservation environment and ensures security at the same time.

In short, our storage system maximizes the storage capacity within the same footprint, effectively leveraging the available space in your gallery or a museum. 

Artwork Storage Rack is Meticulously Designed To Protect Artwork

Noting that most of the paintings are heavy and expensive, our art storage racks are carefully and innovatively designed to reduce vibrations and disturbance during artwork storage and retrieval process. 

Made of stainless steel, the painting brackets are specially designed to hold the four sides of the artworks. Even if you move the panels, the brackets will hold the painting firmly in its place, ensuring the security for up to 25kg per bracket, i.e 100kg per artwork frame. You never have to worry about your paintings falling off the rack!

Artwork Storage Rack

Besides that, the wire mesh panel is designed to have all vertical wires fitted in front of the horizontal wires. This simple but considerate design can help reduce vibration during artwork installation. Your artwork will not repeatedly slide against the horizontal grid which may cause irreversible damage when hanging heavy paintings.

Lastly, art collection should be environmentally controlled by a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. This is crucial to ensure a safe range of temperature and humidity for the artwork storage all year round. If artworks are not properly stored in the right controlled environment, they can easily decay and damage over time. This is undeniably a big concern for our hot and humid tropical weather. 


If you’re interested in planning or revamping your artwork storage space, Fortisco Malaysia is here to help. Engage with us today to get more expert insights on what’s the best possible industry practice to properly store and organize your museum and artwork collections.


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