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Artefacts are tangible objects that are created, used, kept and left behind by the ancient societies. Comprising artistic, historical, aesthetic, and/or spiritual values, these archaeological artefacts carry a wealth of information about the past generations that are bestowed for future generations. As a means of protecting these physical validations of our past, proper museum storage and archive center storage planning are required to downplay the risk of damaging precious artefacts. 

Museum storage

While the skill of a curator determines how well artefacts are preserved, the right choice of museum storage cabinets is equally as important. Having worked with internationally recognised museum institution, Fortisco delivers customizable museum storage solutions that can be tailored to your organization’s best storage guidelines.

How To Choose The Right Museum Storage Cabinets?

  1. Understand Your Museum Storage Needs
    1. Go through your inventory. Understand what are the preservation requirements of different items in your collection, especially delicate items that may require special attention.
    2. The choice of museum storage systems is also very much depending on the size and shape of the artefacts. You may want to consider ordering customized museum storage cabinets for some of the items.
  2. Calculate the physical space available
    1. Pull out your building floor plan, find out how many square feet is available.
    2. Do you have any unused vertical space?
    3. Understand how your staff work. Find out how much space is needed for workstations. 
    4. Understand your organization’s expansion plan. Have a rough estimate on how many new items are added into the collections each year.
  3. Exhibition Requirements
    1. Frontend and backend storage typically have different storage requirements.
    2. How do you want to organize the artefacts to create the best experience for your patrons? 
    3. If your organization is considering visibility storage, think about various ways that these collections can be displayed while stored in an optimal preservation environment.

Need help? Connect with our museum storage experts today. We provide a free consultation to help you discover storage options that are suitable for your organization.

Backend Museum and Archive Center Storage Solutions: 

Metal Drawer Cabinets For Small Artefacts

Small artefacts, such as specimen of entomology, need to be concealed and stored properly under a controlled environment. They are often preserved with chemicals so that they can be accessed in future in their pristine condition as a reference collection for scientific purposes. However, due to the use of chemicals, cabinets for these artefacts require dividers within each drawer. Hence, to get the most useful configurations of drawer heights for the items to be stored, careful planning is required. 

Museum storage cabinets

Compactus® Shelving For Medium Sized Artefacts

Compactus® shelving system maximises storage space within the same footprint. This is because its interior is customisable to suit the height and size of the artefacts. Medium-sized artefacts, such as files, documents and sculptures, are best stored on these shelves as it provides high-density storage and is easily accessible.

Archive center storage

At Fortisco, we provide excellent archive storage solutions which can be tailored to the exact requirements of the archived materials and repository space. 

To further prolong the lifetime of these stored items, you may keep them in acid-free boxes. This is beneficial as they can be custom made to fully utilize each shelving space. In addition, metal shelving is also preferred to wooden shelves as the acid contained in wood or paper can cause paper, photos and textiles to yellow, or worse, grow fungus. 

museum storage

Long Span Shelving For Medium To Large Artefacts 

The long span shelving is a strong, flexible and economical shelving system. It is ideal to store a variety of items ranging from medium to large, heavy and bulky items. 

Long span shelving is modular. It incorporates a wide range of beams and frames, which makes it easy to configure to a variety of storage needs. It is easy to adjust shelf heights to easily fit artefacts to the shelving units.

You may want to invest in long span shelving system for flexible storage. 

Long Span Shelving

Alternatively, for more compact storage, you may also opt to place large artefacts such as furniture and doors on the mobile base of our Compactus shelving system.

Our mechanical hand crank mobile shelving system is capable of moving heavy objects. It is able to support maximum block weight of 15, 25 and 35 tons.

Museum Storage Large Artifacts

Cantilever Racks For Extra Long Artefacts

We recommend investing in cantilever racks to store long items, such as aboriginal weapons and antique pillars. 

Long artefacts require specialised continuous shelving that has no frame in between that restricts the space. 

Therefore, cantilever racks that have long, uninterrupted bays between frames, are the ideal storage solution for long artefacts.

Cantilever shelving racks

Frontend Museum Storage And Display Solutions: 

Visible Storage Cabinets Enhance Visitor Experience

Unlike conventional exhibition that is less engaging, our visible museum storage cabinets emulate the new concept in Europe by storing artefacts in drawers that are covered with a glass on top. This allows visitors to view collections that are otherwise locked and hidden from public view.

Museum Display Shelving

This design triggers visitors’ curiosity as artefacts are kept in the drawers, waiting for the visitors to explore themselves. 

It also enriches the visitor’s experience as the act of pulling out drawers are very much similar to unboxing mystery treasure boxes.

Double Decker Compactus® Units Offer More Vertical Storage Space

While most museums only display 10 to 15 per cent of their overall collection, Fortisco’s innovative and modern museum storage concept allows artefacts to be properly stored and displayed at the same time. 

If your museum has high ceilings, you can also consider installing a double-decker system of visual storage to further increase your storage space.

museum storage compactus

Hanging Storage Racks Allow Artwork To Be Individually Assessed

Of all the options available, hanging storage using wire mesh is one of the most excellent artwork storage systems. 

Art museum storage

Read more on the different types of High-Density Art Rack Storage For Art Gallery and Museum offered by Fortisco Malaysia.


Our past is where our future is. Museums and archive center preserve the past and tell the story of each precious artefacts. To keep up with the browsing behaviour of modern patrons, most museums in Europe are leveraging creative space-saving solutions to allocate more floor space for community activities. Besides introducing the idea of visible storage, museums are also organizing more workshops or engaging sessions to create a more exciting and dynamic learning environment for visitors.

Having more space and better storage management is crucial to the success of museums and archive storage centers. If you need help to plan the best storage systems ideal for your museum, feel free to contact our team at Fortisco Malaysia or fill up the inquiry form for a detailed museum storage plan today.


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