Mobile Shelving and Storage Solution

Fortisco is a company for providing high-density storage systems. Fortisco’s primary objective is creating quality and sustainable storage solutions in Malaysia that optimize your space capacity and at the same time adapting to your business’s changing needs. When it comes to a complete mobile shelving and storage solution, Fortisco provides complete design and planning services. Other services include auxiliary equipment and accessories.

Mobile shelving system and storage solution

A mobile shelving system is a type of shelving system that is ideal in offices where there is not enough space for important documents and archives. The mobile shelving system is a term applied to storage solutions that come fitted with wheeled systems. It, therefore, means you can quickly move it from one place to another.

Applying a shelving system into archive shelving system and library shelving system Malaysia

The archive shelving system is an ideal storage solution that creates archive access for multiple individuals at one time. When it comes to applying the shelving system into archive shelving system and library shelving system, efficient use of space is a must requirement. The shelving system provides many advantages over the static archive and library shelving system. One of the benefits of applying the shelving system is that they can be moved individually. Therefore, only one aisle needs to be open at one time.

Office filing system vs. electrical shelving system

Office filing system

The filing is an essential part of managing any company’s office records. An office filing system provides you with cabinets and data systems that allow you to store your files. The office filing system ensures all your information is private. That means all your information starting from payroll information to banking information is safe. The office filing system offers an extra layer of protection that a locked cabinet cannot provide.

Electrical shelving system

The electrical shelving system is a storage solution ideal for reducing document storage cost. The system allows you to store all of your records in one place without occupying much of the office space floor. The electrical shelving system also offers an excellent platform for organizing micro records. From the fact that this system uses electricity, it makes it quick for you to store and retrieve files and documents. When comparing the office filing system and electrical shelving system, one key aspect to look into is customizable storage. The electrical shelving system allows you to customize it to fit your individual storage needs. This is not the case for the office filing system.

Mobile shelving vs. mobile cabinet

When comparing the mobile shelving and mobile cabinet, one has to look at the storage capacity and storage footprint. The mobile shelving provides 100% greater storage capacity than the mobile cabinet. The mobile shelving also reduces your storage footprint by up to 50%.  Another key aspect to look into is the ability to accommodate growth effectively. The mobile shelving system offers a high storage density that allows you to plan for any future expansion. However, this is not the case for mobile cabinet systems.


Storage solutions are essential in ensuring all the documents and records are arranged in order. Fortisco strives to provide solutions that showcase professionalism. The company ensures that they offer fully functional filing systems and industrial storage. Their team is equipped with knowledge in installing and maintaining mobile shelving system, electrical shelving system, mobile cabinets, library shelving system, and archive shelving system.

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