Mobile Shelving and Storage Solution

Fortisco organizes your space by providing innovative space-saving storage solutions from Europe. Our high-density mobile storage systems are sustainable and require minimal maintenance effort.

Our custom storage solution is designed to maximize your space and at the same time flexible to cater to your business needs.

Mobile Shelving

We provide a one-stop space-saving solution in Malaysia. This includes storage solution consultation, design, planning, installation and maintenance services.

Mobile Shelving and Filing Solution For Offices

Keeping an office filing system properly organized is essential for any businesses, especially those that handle lots of invoices, receipts and other paper documents. Although we are heading towards a paperless office by storing electronic files in the cloud, most businesses are still relying on paper documents as backup or primary reference. Mobile Shelving

Therefore, it is important to have an efficient office filing system to easily store, organize and retrieve records. For some departments like human resource and finance, having a lockable cabinet is a must so that only authorized personnel can access private and confidential information.

Our mobile shelving system is ideal for offices that have limited space or have a large archive. Our high-density storage system allows you to easily store 100% more files in the same square feet. By compacting rows of shelves together, you have more shelving space to spare. This additional storage space gives you the luxury to easily organize departmental paperwork by shelves.

mobile shelving

In addition, you can also lock the shelves together so that only authorized personnel can access.

Mobile Shelving For Archive Center and Library

Our mobile shelves are also an ideal storage solution for archive centres and libraries that are located in expensive regions or cities. As mobile shelves can be stacked together and moved individually, only one aisle needs to be open at one time. This allows efficient use of space. Investment in mobile shelving can be easily justified when it costs more money to rent a bigger space in the long run.Mobile Shelving

Static shelving systems, on the other hand, are less costly. It is the best value storage solution for spacious archive centres and libraries that have fewer concerns with real estate rental cost.

At Fortisco, we are able to assist you to plan and revamp large archival and record storage system. We cover everything from providing complete layout planning to project management.

Mobile shelving vs. Conventional Static Shelving

When comparing mobile shelving and static shelving, one has to look at the storage capacity and storage footprint. Mobile shelving provides 100% greater storage capacity compared to the static cabinet. Mobile shelving also reduces your storage footprint by up to 50%.

Another key aspect to look into is the ability to accommodate growth over time. As mobile shelving systems offer a high storage density, you have more rooms for future expansion. Besides that, if you have a high ceiling space, you can even install a double-decker mobile shelving system to further increase your storage capacity.

Mobile Shelving


Storage solutions are essential in ensuring that all the documents and records are arranged in proper order. Fortisco strives to provide solutions that showcase professionalism. Our team is equipped with the right knowledge to advise, design, manufacture and install the storage solution that best meets your operational needs.

Contact us today to find out more about our space-saving office shelving system, library shelving system, archive shelving system etc.

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