Mobile Compactor Filing Cabinet For Offices in Malaysia

It can be challenging to keep files and documents properly stored and organized in a limited office space. This is especially true for corporate offices that have lots of paperwork. Besides that, without a proper and secured storage system in place, vital documents can sometimes get lost. It can also be time-consuming to look for specific items from semi-organized office cabinets.

Mobile compactor malaysia

Therefore, it is important to have all your files and documents properly organized to increase productivity at work. One ideal way to achieve this is by using mobile compactor filing cabinets, which is now available in Malaysia!

Advantages of Using Mobile Compactor Storage System

1. Mobile Compactor Offers Excellent Space Efficiency

Storing your documents on file trays on your desk can be a good way of storing and accessing your records.

However, file trays tend to cover more space compared to a mobile compactor.

The mobile compactor is a high-density filing system that reduces your storage footprint by almost 50%. Apart from just reducing your storage footprint, they can also increase your storage capacity.

Mobile compactor Malaysia


That allows you to store much more files and documents compared to standard filing cabinets.

2. Improved Productivity

Mobile storage systems reduce clutter in the office.

That means employees will take less time to find their documents as well as sort incoming and exiting documents.

Reducing the time of accessing documents and files will free up the time for more crucial daily tasks and hence increase productivity.

3. Improved Accessibility

As mobile shelves provide higher storage capacity, most shelves can be allocated solely for a specific purpose (eg: by category or department). This allows employees to easily identify and retrieve files.

In addition, the additional storage space allows more files to be stored in one central location. There is less need to store documents in a third-party warehouse, which can be a distance away from the main office.

4. Mobile Compactor is Cost-effective Over Time

As mentioned earlier, because the mobile shelving system can increase storage capacity within the same square feet, there is no need to rent additional office space or third-party warehouse for storage.

Although mobile shelving systems can be a huge investment upfront compared to conventional shelves, it can help create savings for logistics and rental cost over time.

5. Customizable Designs

The mobile compactor can be custom made into different sizes, decorative materials, and colours to suit your requirements and taste.

Compactor Filing Cabinet Malaysia

6. Compactor Filing Cabinet Can Be Locked For Security Purposes

Locking your files and documents in cabinets can help secure your files and documents from theft or misplacement.

Understanding this need, it is possible to lock files and documents in mobile cabinets.

Find Out More About Compactor Filing Cabinet From Fortisco Malaysia

Compactor Filing Cabinet Malaysia

With proper pre-planning, a compactor filing cabinet can help ensure that all your documents and files are properly organized and catalogued for easy retrieval in the same location.

Fortisco Malaysia is professional in setting up high density and effective filing system. We design cabinets according to your office layout so that it is convenient to organize, store, lock and retrieve documents.

Contact us below to discuss your storage needs today!

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