Self Storage Types

Self Storage is a solution for all your storage needs, whether it be for household use to de-clutter your home, business use to store records or stock, specialist use for wine or even storing your car, caravan or boat.

If you need to store it then your local self storage center can provide an affordable storage solution for you. Remember with self storage you keep the key so you control who has access to your goods. You can access them as often as you want for no extra fees.

library shelving system

Library Shelving System

A bespoke design. The library shelving system can be finished with glass, acrylic, steel or wood decor panels in colours that compliment the interior. Your company’s logo can be incorporated into a panel, or you might prefer to have a unique image that reflects either your activities or the history of the premises, or even provide an inspirational environment.
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Electrical Mobile Shelving

Automatic system movement options of Electrical Mobile Shelving let you position carriages just where you want them. Automatically open a heavily used aisle. Close all aisles. Open aisles evenly for ventilation. Open each aisle in sequence. Even move all carriages to predetermined positions when the fire alarm system is activated. Powered by Spacesaver.
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Mech Driven Mobile Shelving

Fortisco mobile shelving is a surface mounted system requiring no additional building works or fixing to the floor. Installation is noise and dust free and can be installed very quickly thus causing minimal disruption to your operation. The mobile shelving systems allow you to either halve the space required for your shelving or double the storage capacity within the same footprint of traditional shelving.
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At Fortisco, we recognize that there is not always a readily available standard storage solution that perfectly meets your requirements. Which is why we are able to offer a tailor made solution and storage medium that exactly suits your needs and solves your storage problems.

Whether it is lockers, filing cabinets, tambour door units, caddy cabinets, laboratory counters or even weapons racks, we have the resources to provide you with the right solution at the right price.

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Mobile Shelving – S2S

Sliding or swing door cabinets can be fitted to a S2S system in order to create more storage capacity. Quality mobile shelving system by Frotisco Mobile Shelving.
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Modular System Poster

Hand Driven Mobile Shelving

A modern hand driven mobile shelving system really is a piece of furniture in your office, you won’t want to build a room to hide it! There are choice of different decor panels.
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Longspan Shelving

A modular hand loaded longspan storage system.
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Shortspan Shelving

Proving that big is not necessarily best, this is a compact, high-density movable shelving system that leverages your available space to make your filing storage as efficient as possible. It’s an excellent alternative when space limitations prevent you from using one of Fortisco’s larger mobile systems. With this compact, high-density lateral mobile shelving solution, you no longer have to worry about how to do more with less.
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