Manual and Mechanical Mobile Shelving

Compactor Filing Cabinet is Your Best Space-Saving Storage Solutions in Malaysia

Compactus®, a mobile shelving system, allows you to either halve the space required for your shelving or double the storage capacity within the same footprint of traditional shelving. This is made possible by compacting rows of shelving into a block with only one access aisle.

Compactor Filing Cabinet Malaysia

Do check out the video below to understand how compactor filing cabinets can help maximize space usage.


Compactus® comes in three configurations – manual, mechanical and motorized. Manual and mechanical are the more popular mobile shelving options in Malaysia.

Manual Compactus® is the Most Economical Mobile Shelving Option

Manual mobile shelving is the most economical system as they operate by simply pushing and pulling the shelving laterally with your hand.

Mechanical or Hand Cranked Compactus® Mobile Shelving is Easy To Operate

Mechanical Mobile Shelving operates with an ergonomically designed 3-spoke hand crank that is connected to the drive shaft of the base through a gear reduction chain box. Operating is effortless compared to the Manual System.

Hand Cranked Mechanical Mobile Shelving

Mobile Compactor Can Be Customized to Fit Your Interior Design

Our mobile compactor filing cabinet is available in a wide range of configurations, colours, materials and designs to suit every environment.

Contact our specialist from Fortisco Malaysia to check out all of our mobile compactor designs today!

Mobile Compactor

Compactor Filing Cabinet Installed in Malaysia

After all the handwork and proper planning, Fortisco Malaysia has successfully installed the large compactor filing cabinet for our Malaysia client. Check out the image below for the compactor filing cabinet. If you need something like this or smaller version of the compactor filing cabinet, contact us now and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

compactor filling cabinet installed

Speak to our experts for more information about which range of products suit your individual needs.


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