Why Mobile Shelving Is The Best Way To Organize Documents Safety

Why Mobile Shelving? A busy work schedule and the need for space makes it challenging to keep track of your belongings. Such a workplace tends to create a situation where vital documents easily get lost.

Therefore, it is always advisable for you to ensure that all your files and documents are safe and organized.

One ideal way to achieve this is by use of mobile shelving and electrical mobile shelving.

These two methods you will be sure that all your documents and files are catalogued according to your specification of choice. FORTISCO SDN BHD provides these services and they make it easier for you to find things when you need them.

Mechanical Mobile Shelving

Example of Mobile Shelving

Modern shelving is a type of storage system that comes in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colours to suit your requirements and taste.

As technology is advancing each day, the mobile shelving storage system has also progressed to the Electrical Mobile Shelving system.

The following are the advantages of using mobile shelving.

Increased storage security

Locking your files and documents in cabinets cannot fully secure your files and documents from theft or misplacement.

The electrical mobile storage systems are programmable systems that offer you with ultimate system security.

The system also allows you to remotely access and secure your documents. It, therefore, means that only someone with authorized access can access your records.

Excellent space efficiency

Storing your documents on file trays on your desk can be a good way of storing and accessing your records.

However, the file trays tend to cover more space compared to manual and electrical mobile shelving systems.

Mobile storage systems reduce your storage footprint by almost 50%. Apart from just reducing your storage footprint, they can also increase your storage capacity by up to 300%.

That is much higher than lateral filing cabinets.

Improved productivity

Mobile and electrical storage systems reduce the clutter in the office.

That means employees will take less time to find their documents as well as sort incoming and exiting documents.

Reducing the time of accessing documents and files will free up the time for more crucial daily tasks and hence increase productivity.

Improved accessibility

Most of the manual and electrical mobile shelving systems can be catalogued. The catalogue feature of these systems allows you to access or handle any density of stored materials quickly.

The feature also gives you quick access to what you need the most as well as improve efficiency.


Traditional filing cabinet systems will also provide you with storage for your documents and files.

However, the mobile shelving system gives similar storage at a lower cost. Also, the mobile storage systems do not occupy much floor space compared to the traditional filing cabinets.

So why Electrical Mobile Shelving Systems?

After more than forty years of ingenuity and evolution, both the manual and electrical mobile shelving systems have progressed considerably.

Starting from creating space, increasing safety at your workplace to improving productivity, mobile storage systems continue to benefit companies and organizations.

The best part of these systems is that they are compact and can fit into any workplace without much problem. It’s because they are mobile and also you can quickly shift them from one place to another.

Contact us for an extensive range of storage solutions in Malaysia for your needs. It can be lockers, shelves or even custom made cabinets. Either way, let FORTISCO SDN BHD help you in getting your documents organized now!

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